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Face in the Xenia Tornado

My name is John Coleman, and I have been in the Dayton area all of my life. I remember the night Wednesday April 3, 1974 the tornado hit Xenia; I was 12 years old; We lived in Belmont in Dayton at the time. I remember Gil Whitney on Channel 7 news telling people in Xenia to take cover.
What I am really writing you about is, yesterday as I was doing research on the tornado, I came across a photo of the tornado hitting or about to hit the Arrowhead sub-division. In the photos I have sent you in an attachment, there is a huge face in the cloud....It is frightening. I am not crazy, nor am I imagining this. I'm sure you have already seen these photos, it may be on your website. They are the same photo. One has the face highlighted, and the other one is not. The face is in the lower right area of the photo. You really have to see this.

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